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Project Owner Support -

ADOC Solutions supports the client in defining the technologies to be implemented, piloted and operated by the project. ADOC Solutions advises and coordinates the project with the various stakeholders. The dual competence of the teams (technical and functional) facilitates relations between the business players and the IT departments. As part of this mission, ADOC Solutions carries out:

  • A contribution of expertise during the life of the project,

  • An organization of specific skills,

  • Participation in the definition of objectives,

  • The measurement of the feasibility of the project,

  • Resource planning,

  • Support for the pilot and generalization phases,

  • Recommendations in terms of tools, technologies, infrastructure,

Project Management Assistance -

In addition to the solutions offered, ADOC Solutions supports the client to implement its tools in the company: digitization process, Document Management, Workflows, Artificial Intelligence… Here are the missions carried out:


  • Audit,

  • Technical and functional specifications,

  • Design,

  • Development,

  • Facility,

  • Recipe,

  • Deployment,

  • Load tests,

  • security testing,

  • production,

  • Training,

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