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Document Management solutions

According to numerous studies, Document Management Systems (EDM), and their variations (Document Management System: DMS; Enterprise Content Management: ECM, etc.) have great beneficial virtues for organizations:


  • Optimization of documentary circuits,

  • Improve staff productivity,

  • Trace the processing in connection with the documents,

  • Secure data,

  • Facilitate access to information,

In order to obtain a real ROI on the implementation of a Document Management solution, it is first necessary to define the objectives to be achieved. The tools offering Document Management possibilities are numerous. They all meet generic document-oriented needs:

  • Ranking,

  • Research,

  • workflow,

  • Share,

  • Traceability,

And some offer flexibility in deployment models: On-premise installation; Cloud offer; Hybrid model.


Turnkey solutions

The search for a Document Management solution too often results in a search for functionalities. Yet Document Management should not be seen as a series of functionalities but more as a means, a component in its own right which is integrated into the company to implement existing processes (workflows, etc.) and achieve the objectives set in upstream.

Do companies have to adapt to the tools? Or shouldn't the solutions respect the way organizations operate?

ADOC Solutions offers you a Document Management solution with the main functionalities necessary for the daily use of your documents. This solution is suitable for organizations wishing to initiate a Digital Transformation through Document Flow Management.

  • Secured access,

  • filing plan,

  • Document metadata,

  • Simple Search & Advanced Search,

  • Web portal,

Thanks to our Business Solutions, you save time during the deployment phases.

Business Solution for Visitor Management in organizations.

HR files

Business Solution for the management of personnel files.


Business Solution for supplier contract management.


Business Solution to optimize recruitment processes.

Tailor-made solutions

For organizations wishing to deploy a dedicated tool, which sticks to business operations, ADOC Solutions offers you its various technological portals. The Tailor-made approach makes it possible to build a solution in line with the functioning of the organization, while relying on existing bricks. These instances (scanning tools, Business Databases, etc.), sometimes already deployed in companies, are used to personalize the operation of Document Management solutions.

We integrate the technologies adapted to the projects and we develop the links between these technologies.

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