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ADOC Solutions supports companies in the design and implementation of solutions and services for Digital Transformation. Among the main concepts of Digital Transformation are the aspects ofDematerialization. The main objective of dematerialization is to replace material information carriers (usually paper) with computer data. Dematerialization encompasses a series of processes and technologies that make it possible to achieve these electronic data exploitation results.

Gestion des Factures Fournisseurs
Solution de Gestion Documentaire
Signature Electronique

If the first expectations of dematerialization of documents primarily concerned paper media, it is now necessary to design and deploy tools capable of organizing information independently of the media collected (html forms, emails, business application links, websites, etc. ).

The expertise of ADOC Solutions allows, for each project, to bring you technical answers on all the stages of the documentary dematerialization chain.

Publisher & Integrator

Our teams innovate to provide solutions that are ever more in line with the expectations of our customers. Our technological approaches make it possible to offer turnkey solutions (Business Solutions) or completely tailor-made solutions. 

Calcul des statistiques

the dematerialization and validation circuit of supplier invoices.

Signature de contrat


With contract management, you are able to monitor your contracts.

Visite de la maison

Business Solution ELO Visitor is the solution to manage your visitors.

entretien d'embauche

Personnel Files

Secure storage of employee records and fully configurable access.

Pile d'enveloppes

Business Solution ELO for processing incoming mail (email, paper, etc.).

Group of Asian waiting for an interview


Facilitate the recruitment process: From offer to hiring.

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