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Advice for Digital Transformation

ADOC Solutions brings you its expertise to launch all your Digital Transformation projects. ADOC Solutions' 20+ years of experience helps facilitate enterprise-ready implementations. Support is an essential lever to ensure the success of the project.

Like many, you consider that digital transformation is a “jungle”? The tools are numerous, the technologies are attractive... but do you really know where to start? Should we look for the tool with the greatest functionality or should we have a solution that adapts to the way the company operates?


We offer specific support to help you enter the digital age.

Understanding the possibilities of Digital Transformation  company

The first step in supporting ADOC Solutions consists in presenting the possibilities offered by the Digital Transformation but also the cases of implementation:

  • Identification of streams, 

  • Process ofdigitization(internalized vs.outsourced),

  • Dematerialization ofinvoices, purchase orders,

  • Dynamic management of supplier contracts,

  • Automated processes for Customer invoices,

  • Dematerialized management of personnel files,  

  • Document Management,

  • Artificial intelligence of recognition or predictive,

  • Online contracting  -electronic signature,

  • Automatic recognition & process automation (RPA),


Identify the challenges of Digital Transformation for your company

During the second stage of the support, it is necessary to define the challenges of the digital transformation and the objectives to be achieved for the company:

  • Improve its responsiveness to customer requests,

  • Securing your information,

  • Reduce the volume of paper exchange,

  • Improve the quality of its customer relations,

  • Managing its activities, 

  • Create new customer experiences,

  • Structuring your documentary history, 

  • Prepare transmission, transfer... 

  • Secure your HR relationships,


Define the means and objectives of its Digital Transformation


Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to lay down the means, the tools (technologies) necessary to achieve them but also to build a schedule. Projects that are too ambitious, focused on the "revolution" of organizations, fail. Milestones in the Digital Transformation should be built with the teams and the human issues very quickly integrated into it.

Example :

  • Phase 1: Deployment of the Document Management solution with manual integration of documents, Identification of a pilot service and a project team.

  • Phase 2: Optimization of document integration by semi-automatic or automatic indexing technologies (LAD / RAD). Change management.

  • Phase 3: Implementation of document circulation rules for human validation. Team support.

  • Phase 4: Search for automatic scenarios related to the consistency of company data (AI). Change management.

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