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A team of experts listening to your projects

ADOC Solutions, through its relevant vision of market expectations, has been able to adapt its technologies, offers and services to offer complete solutions on all aspects of the Digital Transformation of Organizations.

IT is a Means and not a Result, it is the solution that must adapt to the organization of the company, and not the other way around. It is not an ideology, we have opted for suitable tools capable of responding to our "solution philosophy". We provide tools, methods, services... which are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers but also to changes in the various regulations.

Ingénieurs en robotique

The search for customer satisfaction remains above all the leitmotif of our teams. This desire, clearly displayed for more than 20 years, translates into a permanent search for simplification of all our technological integrations.

The great diversity of the projects carried out (banking, social housing, insurance, calls for tenders, supplier invoices, etc.) contributes to perfecting our expertise in the processes of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to our very varied business segments (Dematerialization, Service Bureau, Deep Learning, Mobility, etc.), we are proactive in our approaches and our methods of implementing solutions.

The confirmed growth of ADOC Solutions in recent years illustrates the relevance of our strategic choices in terms of developments (mobile technology, Artificial Intelligence), technological integrations (Capture, ECM), in our market approach and in the quality of our employees. that make up ADOC Solutions. The team has created its expertise by appropriating the many available technologies.  However, we feel the need to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis to perfect our expertise and continue to provide innovative solutions. to our customers.

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