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Incoming mail management

All companies are faced with the daily management of incoming mail. This general paper flow must be managed on a daily basis to meet responsiveness requirements. 

Incoming mail processing service

ADOC Solutions offers to outsource the processing of your incoming mail.

Our teams carry out the following missions:

  • Daily (quantitative) inventory of flows received,

  • Preparation of documents (separation, etc.),

  • Digitization of mail,

  • Indexing, typing of envelopes (date, source, issuer, recipient, etc.),

  • Integration into an internal workflow,

  • Notification of new documents,

  • Automated response (email, mail, etc.),

  • Physical archiving of paper documents,

  • Destruction of documents according to their life cycle,

All processing is carried out on the day of receipt of the envelopes.

Additional services can be associated for certain types of documents:


  • Supplier Invoice Management,

    • Reconciliation with orders, management of discrepancies

  • CV management,

    • Responses to applications,

  • PV management (speed, parking, traffic, etc.),

    • Online declaration,​

Our teams carry out the essential tasks on a daily basis for the proper consideration and management of incoming mail flows. Teams trained in the identification of essential information for the proper distribution of documents. The documents are routed, according to the previously structured rules, to your employees, your departments, the managers, etc.

Certain types of incoming mail are answered by J:

  • For unsolicited application letters:

    • Mail / Email of application study,

    • Rejection Mail / Email,

  • Requests for exemption (PV),


Our teams complement or replace your employees to manage peaks in activity, absences, etc.

We can thus manage incoming flows but also outgoing flows.

We use advanced scanning and data recognition technologies, as well as document management.

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