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ELO Incoming Mail

Improved productivity through intelligent (multi-channel) incoming mail management with ELO ECM Suite.

Digitize paper mail and integrate electronic formats for centralized, fast and efficient processing.

Every day, you receive a multitude of letters and e-mails: invoices, orders, forms, etc. All of this mail needs to be read, captured, and distributed across your company's various departments. To handle these tasks, you need a powerful inbound and outbound mail management solution. Digital mail processing lets you deliver documents reliably, quickly and conveniently.

Indeed, the ELO process management engine guarantees flexible and safe validation and control thanks to the information associated with the mail.

In addition, you benefit from simplified and personalized input forms according to your graphic charter. The treatment becomes faster and fits perfectly into your daily life. 

By loading a library of templates, you can speed up and better prepare responses for your collaborators. Versioning in ELO guarantees you a follow-up of these responses, from conception to sending. Finally, never miss a mail received to be processed thanks to ELO Notify which alerts you by email when you have tasks pending on ELO. 

Management of incoming and outgoing mail PDF


If a head of department or an employee wishes to consult the file, he can do so by means of a form.


You get the request and confirm or deny the ability to view the information.


Confidential documents are removed from the file and the applicant obtains a copy of the file.


Copies are automatically deleted after a predefined period of time.

Procedure for managing incoming mail


An employee has moved and made a request to change his personal address.


The system makes the data available so that the employee can make the address change.


The data is transferred to the HR department and you validate the personal data update request.


Once the validation has been granted, the address data is automatically modified in the HR file.

Incoming mail management - physical documents

Central and format-independent management of all HR documents. 

Creation of org charts and badges

Apply European data protection regulations to the letter and manage access to data

Digital collaborative teamwork

Initialization of processes via smartphone or tablet

Simplified integration with existing HR systems

Incoming mail management - physical documents

At any time, you can keep an overview in terms of the status and deadlines of your employees' HR files:

  • List of master data and deadlines for all your employees

  • Possibilities to filter collaborators according to different categories

  • Payment plans are created quickly and you can monitor your payment flows

  • Thanks to the configuration of authorizations, you are able to manage access to HR data

  • Calendar view to keep an overview of all deadlines

  • With just a few clicks, you can create analyzes and statistics

Tableau de bord ELO RH

Incoming mail management - physical documents

You can represent your hierarchical structure through organizational charts:


  • Keep an overview of the structure of your company.

  • Define different hierarchical levels: company, area, department and teams.

  • Record professional status in an HR file.

  • Define responsibilities.

  • Thanks to the configuration of authorizations, manage the different access rights.

ELO RH Organigramme

The basic functions of ELO HR Personnel File:


  • Permissions and Roles Concepts

  • Chat function for documents

  • Validation process

  • Mobile access

  • Launchpad function for consulting HR files and change requests

  • Creation of badges

  • Creation of organizational charts

  • Dashboard with filter options and display of deadlines


ELO Personnel Files is an integral part of ELO Business Solutions

Business Solutions are smart software solutions that dematerialize the processes of your company's key departments. The solution packages are already configured, so setting them up is immediate; however, it is possible to adapt them to individual requirements. The Business Solutions perfectly complement ELO ECM Suite and create the ideal conditions for the dematerialization of your company.

The benefits of the dematerialization of personnel files

The dematerialization of personnel files, made possible thanks to the integration of specific business processes from human resources management to EDM, brings a considerable improvement to the management of personnel data and deadlines. The information is immediately available via a clear and functional tree structure. All personal data is secure (compliance with GDPR standards), and during workflow processes, access is restricted according to the level of confidentiality of the information and the status of the interlocutor. The ELO HR Personnel File solution is an agile interface between HR, the employee and the company (management, team manager, payroll department, etc.). It promotes interactivity, streamlines exchanges in self-service mode (ELO web client) and secures decision-making by relying on real-time monitoring of events related to the employee's journey and on configurable analysis tools. . 


The dematerialization of personnel files allows a reduction in the costs of processing and validation of individual files and a significant saving of time in the accomplishment of these tasks. The integration of advanced functionalities in human resources management combined with EDM simplifies the automation of procedures (management of entry/exit deadlines, generation of the entry process, generation of contracts, follow-up of evaluations, etc.), the real-time updating of data, and ensures the traceability of all flows and events. Thanks to the dematerialization of personnel files, human resources are more proactive vis-à-vis employees. They support them more effectively in the administrative and social management of their career within the company, from their entry into service until the destruction of data following their departure.  

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