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ELO Invoices

Digital management of all your invoices.

Visitor Management with ELO

A simple and professional management of visitors and their data. Thanks to digital visitor management, you will impress them right from the start!

The dematerialization and validation circuit of supplier invoices are integrated into this module. The solution includes all the necessary components to automatically extract information.

The best way to combine compliance (traceability) with the quality of reception of your Customers, Partners, Suppliers...

With ELO, your visitors feel perfectly cared for, from the very first moment. The solution offers you everything that may be important in terms of visitor management: access control, management and analysis of visitor data, creation of individual visitor badges or even personalized welcome screens. Thanks to digital visitor management, you always have a good overview of who is currently present.

You can capture and manage all user data digitally. Rest assured: ELO user management will mark your visitors. For fast, efficient processes and satisfied visitors.   Benefit from all the functions of Business Solution ELO Visitor – your customers and partners will keep a very professional image.

Feature overview

Track visitors

  • A dashboard for a quick overview of all visitors,

  • A provision of all information about the appointment, the visitor and the current status

  • filtering possibilities, in particular according to expected visitors, visitors present and visitors who have already left,

  • An integrated calendar for a daily, monthly or annual overview,

  • The color marking of appointments, depending on the status,

  • The possibility of carrying out analyzes and evaluations.


Quickly create individual visitor badges

  • Quick and convenient capture based on templates,

  • Taking a photo of the visitor using a webcam,

  • Individual adjustment of layout and content,

  • A barcode for autonomous visitor check-out,

  • A callback function if the check-out has not been carried out.



  • A personalized welcome for your visitors on a welcome screen,

  • Many configuration possibilities,

  • Information extracted directly from ELO,

  • A design optimized for screens and tablets.


Efficient processes

Automated processes increase productivity and reduce costs.

Transparent processes

Of course, changes to a document are continuously logged.

Immediate access to information

A single click is enough to view the status of the treatment to modify it.

A structured overview

A central repository of all documents provides a clear overview of the situation.

Reduced processing time

Processing times are reduced through process automation and intelligent search mechanisms.


To have satisfied employees and customers, you have to demonstrate excellent responsiveness.

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