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Digitization service for books and bound works

ADOC Solutions provides you with its expertise and tools for digitizing your heritage materials: Books, Registers, Microfilms, Microfiches, Photographic Documents, Plans, Posters, etc.

We provide our services for the digitization of your bound documents. Thanks to our book scanners, you will be able to benefit from digitization that will respect even the most fragile originals. A lighting system free of aggressive ultraviolet rays protects the original supports. Our services ensure safe and respectful preservation of historical books, maps and writings. The tools allow the digitization of your media, from business card format to A1 format. The nature and condition of your supports may require the use of specific methods and accessories: 90° kit for partial opening,  balance book holder, glass plate, etc.

Our infrastructures ensure appropriate handling and preservation of all your media.


The scanner is equipped with a book holder cradle to better support the weight of the work without unnecessarily forcing the binding, a fragile area of the registers. Its system of motorized plates makes it possible to adjust the spacing between the plates and to come to marry the thickness of the binding without risk for the document. The shelves are also height adjustable. If the state of conservation of the document allows it, the operator will manually adjust the height of the tray using a button, thus preventing the glass from pressing on the pages. It is the support that goes up until it delicately reaches the glass and not the other way around, which allows optimal flatness and therefore better readability of the digital file under the manual control of the operator, guaranteeing the security of the documents.

The shooting device is equipped with LED lighting, it is a so-called cold light source, without UV or infrared and not dazzling. Operating in rear scanning, the system allows on the one hand a high quality of shooting and a regular and constant lighting, avoiding in particular the shadow which can be caused by the binding in the center of the document, and limits the reflections on glossy papers. Finally, the source is as far away as possible from the document and the light load on it is minimal since it only works during digitization, and thus meets the requirements of the standards of heritage digitization requiring exposure of the original documents to the weakest and shortest possible light. 

The light is projected perpendicular to the binding of the document. This process makes it possible to illuminate correctly all the way to the bottom of the binding. This lighting mode has the advantage of allowing all the information on the page to be recovered, even if it is located deep and very close to the binding (which often happens if the document has already been repaired and bound). In addition, this process eliminates any reflection due to the curvature of the document if it is shiny. 

We provide tools to generate very high quality images.

  • Perfect reproduction of bound documents, without distortion,

  • Optimum straightening of distortions, regardless of the texture of the original,

  • Our technologies make it possible to work without a glass plate for a digitization that respects fragile originals,

  • Automatic search and recognition of pages,

  • A unique correction process, based on 3D data,

Available treatments

OCR - Optical Character Recognition 

To facilitate the use of your images, ADOC Solutions offers you the OCRization of your documents. Thanks to OCR it becomes possible to exploit the text content of all your documents.

Our server processes and our documentary expertise facilitate the enrichment processing of your images (metadata).

Indexationn of Documents 

In addition to the operations of ocherization of your images, we offer manual indexing. This indexing potentially relates to information contained in the documents or in the verification files.

Specific Processing 

Depending on the requests, specific processing can be carried out:

  • Compression of PDF files to facilitate the sharing and circulation of documents,

  • Creation of tables of contents or references,

  • Foliage and segmentation of works,

  • Enrichment of specific formats: METS – ALTOXML,

A team of experts

ADOC Solutions and its team of experts methodically organize all the work for the digitization of your documents. We take care of the different stages to ensure the highest level of quality:

  • Audit of needs before outsourced digitization service,

  • Collection and return of documents (packaging, inventories, transport, etc.),

  • Sampling before production,

  • Substrate preparation,

  • Scanning,

  • Post processing (OCR, segmentation, foliation, indexing, compression, etc.),

  • Quality Controls,

  • Temporary storage,

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