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Resource Survey Management (OPS - SLS)

Tenants must respond to the Solidarity Rent Supplement (SLS) or Occupation du Parc Social (OPS) surveys, the law obliges social landlords to carry out these surveys with the beneficiaries of social housing. The ADOC Solutions teams support you in carrying out these missions:

Processing paper-based surveys



  • Creation of models,

  • Editions of surveys,

  • Envelope,

  • Routing,

  • PND management,

Returns processing


  • Receipt of return surveys,

  • Inventory of incoming flows,

  • Digitization of all parts,

  • Compression of images to facilitate exchanges and conservation,

  • Survey validation workflow,

  • Creation and sending of reminders (Letter with AR / link with bailiffs),

  • Management of incoming and outgoing calls,

Deliveries & Resultsstates


  • Return or destruction of original documents,

  • Permanent electronic preservation (pdf/A),

  • Delivery of data files compatible with ERPs,

  • Provision of a third-party archiver,

  • Dashboard of treatments accessible in real time throughout the duration of operations,

  • End of treatment summaries,

Your survey
your accommodation survey
Accommodation Survey
Accommodation Survey

Processing surveys in electronic format

  • Creation of a key portalient personalized,

  • Preparation of electronic surveys,

  • Sending emails,

  • Follow-up of email openings,

  • Online entry of questionnaire data,

  • Secure upload of additional files,

  • confirmation emails,

  • Coupling with paper mailings when questionnaires are not completed online (according to previously determined workflows: opening time, etc.)

  • Real-time statistics,

  • Access to electronic records,

  • High availability (Cloud),

  • Electronic archiving in tenant files,

  • Data extraction for ERP links,

  • Electronic signature,

Online declaration portal
Online declaration portal
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