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Aperture Card Scanning

An aperture card is a medium used in the field of document archiving and consultation. It is a rectangular paper or plastic card that has a transparent window. This window is designed to accommodate a microfiche, which is a small sheet of film containing miniaturized images of documents, such as texts, drawings or photographs.

The microfiche is placed in the card window, thus allowing the visualization of the information contained on the microfiche. The window is usually equipped with a zoom or magnification system, such as an integrated magnifying glass, to facilitate the reading of details.

Aperture cards with microfiche were commonly used before the advent of digital technologies and more advanced electronic storage formats. They made it possible to store large quantities of information on a compact medium, thus facilitating their consultation and archiving.

The digitization of these media allows their transformation into a digital format: Jpeg, PDF... Our scanners allow the recognition of these specific media. We also provide content recognition services (OCR - LAD, etc.) and metadata enrichment (indexing).

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