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Digitization of all your documents - scanning service

ADOC Solutions offers you its document scanning services.

By definition, document digitization is the process of converting physical media such as paper (books, posters...), photographs or film (microfiche, microfilm) into digital files. This practice has several important advantages and uses:

Preservation and storage: Digitization preserves documents by converting them into durable digital formats. This reduces the risk of physical damage, loss or destruction of original documents. Digital files can be stored on computer media such as hard drives, servers or online storage services.

Easy access: thanks to our OCR technologies, scanned documents are easier to find, consult and share. They can be organized, indexed and cataloged so that they can be quickly found. In addition, they can be consulted simultaneously by several people remotely, which facilitates collaboration and the exchange of information.

Space saving: By scanning physical documents, you can significantly reduce the amount of storage space required. Large paper archives can be transformed into compact digital files, freeing up physical space for other uses.

Security and backup: Scanned documents can be saved and protected against the risk of loss or accidental destruction. Backup copies can be created and stored in secure locations, reducing the risk of losing important information.

Ease of Sharing: Scanned documents can be easily shared via email, through online collaboration platforms, or through document management systems. This facilitates the communication and dissemination of information between individuals, organizations or departments.

Automated conversion and processing: Scanned documents may undergo automated conversion processes, such as optical character recognition (OCR), to make them searchable and editable. This makes it easier to find text in documents and extract information for further processing.

Thus document digitization offers more efficient management, long-term preservation, easier access and better dissemination of the information contained in physical documents, which makes it a valuable tool in many areas, such as libraries, businesses, public administrations, cultural institutions...

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