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International Data Protection Day: how to improve your protection?

Whether in his private life or his professional life, ingenious options can help improve the protection infrastructure to eliminate the risks of his data being used for profiling, personalization or monetization purposes.

Saturday January 28 is International Data Privacy Day. The ideal opportunity to raise public awareness of good practices in the collection, management and protection of personal data. Benoit Grunemwald, Cybersecurity Expert at Eset France, recalls the importance of equipping yourself with effective means to guard against any risk of data leakage or theft and gives five solid and affordable tools to protect your privacy and that of your business :

Multi-factor authentication (or MFA)

A hardware authentication device (usually USB/NFC) from a reputable manufacturer can help protect the device at a very affordable price – and there are plenty of software choices too. This technology, very difficult to hack, is easily usable on a large scale for companies.

password manager

It is software or online services that centralize and manage passwords within a secure database. The important thing is to choose and use a tool with a good reputation for security. They are usually cheap or even free, and can be integrated directly into its devices.

Email encryption

For sensitive e-mails, it is possible to activate encryption directly in the settings of your online e-mail or by downloading free or inexpensive software such as GPG (composed of a public key and a private key). This makes it virtually impossible to hack or intercept the meaning of the message through the establishment of a cryptographic signature.

Secure Wi-Fi Router

In order to increase the security of data transiting over the WiFi network, it is recommended to activate WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access) or WPA/WPA2 data encryption. This method increases the protection of the data exchanged between the box and the terminals. It is also possible to use a router independent of the provider of the box for an affordable price.


Encrypting the IP address is a good way to avoid prying eyes while data is in transit. Modern virtual private network (VPN) software isn't difficult to set up, and some can even connect automatically when enabled. It is also quite possible to find free or cheap VPNs.

If these solutions are already used for personal purposes, the company will appreciate knowing that these technologies are known and mastered. Even if they have different systems, there will probably be a lot of similarities with what is known. In the meantime, it allows for greater peace of mind, without breaking the budget.

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