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New Artificial Intelligence (AI) low code no code

ABBYY Vantage is a comprehensive repository services platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand your documents quickly and easily.

Vantage makes today's digital workers and processes smarter with cognitive skills that can read, understand and extract information from documents. This helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

This no-coding platform enables even first-time developers to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and extend automation to new processes quickly and easily. This has an immediate impact on business results, customer experience and ultimately competitiveness.

Vantage's skills enable smart automation platforms, digital workers, and automation bots to intelligently process business documents and content to understand, extract meaning, and make decisions.

Why ABBYY Vantage?

Intelligent: Can understand almost any document.

Platform Independent: Easily integrates with platform automation, embedded systems and more…

Cloud-native: This is a web-based platform with containerized infrastructure for easier and more flexible deployment.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI): It does not require any model, nor any rules of parameterization. Constantly learning.

Highly scalable: ABBYY and its partners have a wide range of pre-trained skills on the ABBYY Marketplace.

Revealing: This gives a detailed overview and complete performance of your document-based business processes.

Expert: ABBYY Vantage increases human resources by making smart decisions like a human being.

Designed for users: You don't need coding to design and train skills in hours.

What are the use cases?

Purchase process & Order to payment: purchase to pay

You can use Vantage's pre-trained finance skills for invoices, purchase requisitions, and receipts to fully automate the extraction of financial data and integrate it into finance processes.

Logistic transport

Digitize and automate the processing of various transport documents such as shipping instructions, waybills, receipts and freight forwarding orders for freight forwarders, carriers and customs clearance.

Loan processing

Empower your digital workforce with the cognitive skills to understand and process the different sets of documents required for a bank loan.

Claims processing

Build a new fleet of digital workers to improve your claims handling process, eliminate human error, and speed claims processing and management.

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