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New Partnership With ESET For The Security Of Your Data

ADOC Solutions is now a partner of ESET solutions for the security of your data and your environments (network, smartphone, workstation, servers, etc.).

ESET pioneered virus protection, creating threat detection and protection software.

Today, ESET security solutions keep businesses and individuals in over 200 countries safe. ESET protects your computers, devices, memories and personal data or keeps your company information confidential. Present in 200 countries and territories worldwide ESET helps you take full advantage of the digital world.

The ESET vision

ESET enables its users to take full advantage of technology in a secure digital world.

The ESET mission

By working with ethical and passionate people, ESET is building a safer technology environment for everyone. ESET does this through training and our commitment to R&D.

ESET is the only solution to pass the threshold of 100 VB100 awards by Virus Bulletin.

The ESET commitment

ESET believes in technology – and they want to make sure users can enjoy it safely.

“For three decades, we've been helping people protect their digital lives. From a small dynamic company, we have become a global brand with more than 100 million users in 202 countries. A lot has changed, but our core aspirations, philosophy and values remain the same – to help create a more secure digital world where everyone can truly benefit from technology.” Richard Marko, Managing Director, ESET

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