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A single certificate to authenticate and sign electronically

Take your steps on public service platforms

To manage your tenders, the registration of your vehicles, your contracts

Manage subsidized contracts online with SYLAE


RGS Certificates** (2 stars) / eIDAS qualified certificate:


The certificates of natural persons, with a duration of 3 years, allow you to authenticate yourself and electronically sign your transactions within a legal framework with legal value.


Electronic Certificate, 

Certificate on cryptographic support - USB key,
Signature of calls for tenders on dematerialization platforms,

Compatible with public procurement platforms, SIV, Infogreffe etc.

Duration of validity : 3 years 


Equip yourself with an RGS** certificate to ensure compliance with the public procurement code (article 56) and respond to dematerialized calls for tenders. Save time, improve productivity and ensure secure shipments. CertEurope certificates allow companies to sign their application file and prove their identity, while public companies and local authorities submit their calls for tenders on public market platforms.


General Security Framework (RGS) and eIDAS Why is it important to have these certifications?

  • Log in securely to public portals
  • Use online services that require a certified identity
  • Comply with utility requirements
  • Bring legal value to your operations

RGS**/eIDAS electronic certificate

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