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This process allows  a signatory to give proof of his consent  on the content of a document and proves:

  • The integrity of the signed document, you have the certainty that the content will not be modified without your knowledge;
  • The identification of the signatory, or the certainty that he is the person he claims to be.


You can sign all your PDF documents, so you speed up and simplify your steps and procedures.

Online, remote or face-to-face, the electronic signature is essential to the contracting process. It is now essential and  applies to all documents which you can sign by hand.


On line


By integrating the electronic signature into your website, you dematerialize your online sales, subscription or subscription processes:

  • You offer your customers a fully digital experience. A simple Internet connection, a smartphone or a PC is enough to sign your documents.
  • You get cross-channel signature journeys with the ability to switch channels mid-process.
  • You improve your conversion rates, while securing the collection of consent from your customers and prospects.


From a distance


The electronic signature simplifies the processes in the case of multiple signatories who are not all present in the same place at the same time:

  • Each signatory receives, by e-mail, an invitation to access the document, consult it and sign it.
  • Are you a telemarketer? During a telephone interview, you can instantly formalize operations without having to collect signatures afterwards.
  • You save time and no longer need to bring together each of the signatories when they are geographically distant.


Face to face


Particularly suitable for mobile teams and at the physical point of sale, you can have your documents signed face-to-face with a PC, tablet or smartphone:

  • You offer an optimal omnichannel experience while retaining the codes of the handwritten signature.
  • More fluid, more dynamic and more pleasant, you conclude transactions directly during an appointment, without having to collect signatures afterwards.
  • You improve your brand image and the quality of your administrative procedures.



Pack of 50 Signatures - Access to the online signature space

Universign - Pack 50 Electronic Signatures

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