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GDPR solution - myDPO

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) empowers public and private organizations that process their data. Do you collect or process personal data? Adopt the right reflexes! Discover our myDPO GDPR solution, the turnkey solution developed by our personal data protection experts.


Covers all GDPR obligations Manages and maintains your compliance.  Advise and train your employees in legal obligations.


An intuitive interface that is accessible to operational staff. A tool with legal and technical artificial intelligence.


An offer adaptable to your needs and your budget Accessible in SaaS mode or on premise A team of experts at your disposal

5 modules to manage your compliance


Compliance module

Compliance module

Determine your levelcompliance water and establish a compliance program.

The "Compliance" module allows you to take stock of your company's compliance with the GDPR through an in-depth self-assessment questionnaire of your internal processes. myDPO calculates your compliance score on eight axes corresponding to the categories of corporate obligations under the empire of the GDPR and guides you towards an implementation.optimum compliance.

For maximum ease of use, each item of the questionnairee is associated with an explanatory text to popularize the legal and technical concepts of the protection of personal data.

This module also offers a compliance program adapted to the results of your assessment, and allows you to monitor its implementation by involving all the players in the processing of personal data in your company.


Registry module

Registry module

Maintain your register in an optimal way and assess the level of risk of your treatments.

The Register module allows you to keep your records of processing activities in an optimal way.

A real GDPR tool for managing the compliance of company processing operations, the Register module allows the DPO to create "Purposes", internal standards setting the rules for processing personal data within your company for a specific purpose. defined. Your collaborators will only have to follow the existing Purposes to ensure, in a spirit of Privacy by Design, the compliance of all their new projects.

In addition, to guide the DPO in the creation of your Purposes, myDPO includes a complete repository of processing authorized by the CNIL.

Designed for all operational staff, myDPO is above all easy to use. Thus, in addition to a processing creation form, the Register module includes a questionnaire intended for those new to data protection, which allows all your employees to easily fill in each new processing operation, guided step by step by texts. help provided by a team of experts.

In order to simplify all aspects of the DPO's daily missions, the Register module also embeds:

  • A sensitivity analysis of processing to determine the need to perform a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), based on self-learning neural network technology;

  • A system for logging all actions on the Register of processing activities;

  • Powerful simple and advanced search features;

  • Several Registry exports for perfect visibility of your company's processing operations;


Safe Module

Safe Module

Keep proof of your compliance with the electronic safe. 

The "Electronic Safe" module offers you the possibility of centralizing proof of your compliance within a dedicated digital safe. This module incorporates NF Z 42-020 certified technology, guaranteeing that all your scanned documents have the same legal value as your paper originals.


Training module

Training module

Easily train your teams and track progress.

Benefit from practical training in response to your operational needs thanks to myDPO e-Learning materials coming directly from the expertise of DPO Consulting.

The myDPO Training module is entirely dedicated toawareness and training of your employees in the GDPR through e-learning functionalities. This module offers training for all levels of expertise, from the basics of data protection for all your staff to perfecting the knowledge and practices of your DPO.

myDPO is an ideal compliance tool that also allows you to integrate your own training materials, and includes a dashboard for monitoring the completion of your employees' training.


Governance module

Governance module

Manage your compliance and manage all your GDPR compliance processes in a single interface.

The “Governance” module integrates all the operational functionalities necessary to comply with European regulations: management of requests from data subjects; management of security breaches; AIP; management of applications, service providers and recipients; advanced document management; reporting and statistics; periodic reassessment of compliance.

What the myDPO solution allows you to do

  • Make an inventory and generate a tailor-made GDPR compliance plan

  • Establish an intelligent register, assess the risks inherent in your processing and respect the principle of privacy by design

  • Enhance your company's information assets by controlling the life cycle of your data and performing quality reporting

  • Centralize proof of your compliance with our digital safe

  • Involve and retain your employees in this transition thanks to our fun e-Learning training

  • Strengthen your image by effectively managing data subject requests

  • Work with confidence thanks to efficient management and evaluation of your service providers

  • Easily perform your PIA (life impact analysis tool)

DPO solution: the essential tool to comply with the GDPR.

The General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) require any company that handles data to guarantee their integrity, confidentiality and security. The GDPR supplemented by the Data Protection Act aims to strengthen the rights of individuals, to empower actors by introducing a new principle of accountability, and by requiring companies to analyze the risks on the data they.

GDPR obligations

To comply with the GDPR, companies handling sensitive data of residents or citizens of the European Union are subject to new obligations, among which we can note:

  • Determine for what purposes the data is processed by building its processing register

  • Inform users of the use of their data

  • Implement technical and organizational measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data

  • Limit the retention periods for the data of their customers, prospects and employees

  • Supervise relations with subcontractors as well as data transfers outside the EU

  • Train employees in the protection of personal data

  • Carry out an impact analysis on the privacy of the persons concerned (EIVP, PIA)

  • Develop documentation that proves compliance (procedure, policy)

  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPD or DPO)

  • Prepare for any possible control of the CNIL

Why use DPO software?

Getting compliant is not an easy process and knowing where to start may not be obvious. The DPO is also often isolated within companies and his role is often imprecise. The use of DPO software makes it possible to initiate GDPR compliance actions by providing a framework for the DPO, and to distribute the roles and responsibilities of each within the framework of long-term governance of its compliance through a workflow system. The myDPO software has many advantages for companies, namely:

  • Coverage of all GDPR obligations

  • The creation of a tailor-made GDPR compliance plan thanks to a questionnaire including an algorithm

  • Management and maintenance of compliance thanks to numerous modules

  • Advice via a chat system and employee training based on an LMS

  • Assessment of the risks inherent in treatments based on artificial intelligence

  • Respect for privacy by design thanks to a sophisticated validation system

  • The valuation of the company's information assets based on a global view of the data it processes

  • Centralization of compliance evidence through a digital safe

  • Efficient management of user requests with many integrated response templates

  • Management and evaluation of service providers

  • Carrying out privacy impact studies with many models

Who is GDPR compliance software for?

The use of the myDPO software concerns all companies likely to process personal data. They can be VSEs/SMEs, ETIs or large companies: each company can choose the most suitable offer. Within each structure, all departments are affected by the GDPR. This is why our myDPO software is not only intended for DPOs but for all employees, whether they are novices or scholars in the field, to manage their regulatory obligations in terms of personal data in a serene manner.

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