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Votes and Elections Management

ADOC Solutions offers you its Voting and Elections operations management solutions & services.  ADOC Solutions supports organizations (sports federations, mutuals, OPH, etc.) in organizing their voting operations. Success, in carrying out a voting operation, lies mainly in the combination of graphic design (clarity and simplicity of messages, graphic charter to be respected) and technical design (document analysis standards).

Voting and election operations can take several forms:

  • votes at general meetings,

  • Postal votes (paper and/or electronic),


As part of voting operations at general meetings, ADOC Solutions offers its services for the analysis of ballots but also for the provision of electronic boxes that allow the instantaneous validation of results.

For postal votes, ADOC Solutions provides its expertise in all


​the stages of the voting expression processing chain:

  • The design and printing of voting materials (ballots, notices, letters, professions of faith, reports, etc.),

  • Envelope and dispatch of documents,

  • The counting (within the office department or on the site of the general assembly),

  • The enrollment,

  • power handling,

  • The processing of expressions of vote,

  • The presentation of non-conforming expressions,

  • The counting of voting expressions (blanks, nulls, etc.),

  • Delivery of results and statistics,

Harmonie Mutuelle
SACD Résolutions

ADOC Solutions carries out the digitization phases on site with the appropriate equipment and solutions in compliance with security standards to ensure full compliance of the services (bailiff control, etc.).

The teams travel throughout France to carry out Voting services. Depending on the volumes, a technical and human dimensioning is carried out:

  • Competent staff to open the envelopes,

  • Competent staff to digitize,

  • production equipment,

  • emergency equipment,

  • Document analysis technology to identify graffiti on ballots,

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