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Documentary Capture

Among the essential phases of dematerialization, there is documentary capture. This technology is too often underestimated compared to the possibilities of existing engines.


The capture phase integrates all the possibilities of recognition, extraction, classification… understanding of documents. Capture makes it possible to automate the phase of indexing or enriching document metadata.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

The OCR phase is the first of the steps that allows the understanding of documents. Often associated with the simple transformation of image documents into office format (Word, Excel, etc.), we forget that OCR is also a key component during the digitization phases (automatic rotation of documents) of content identification (analysis prior to automatic recognition techniques).

LAD / RAD - Automatic Document Reading and Recognition

To facilitate the phases of automatic document instruction, in the documentary circuit (Workflow), LAD / RAD technology is used.


This technique makes it possible, from models (structured documents, semi-structured documents, unstructured documents, etc.), to identify the content (RAD phase) and to extract the content according to the set rules.


This LAD / RAD engine triggers the first Artificial Intelligence rules in the organization's management process: specific validation circuits according to content (invoice validation, etc.); communication rules according to the completeness of the files (bank file …) The capture allows to collect the data (Big DATA) and to structure them.

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Artificial Intelligence with pre-trained Skills (Low Code - No Code) 

ABBYY Vantage is an intelligent document processing platform that provides easily usable, AI-powered “skills” that can understand your documents quickly and easily. Vantage makes today's digital worker and processes smarter, with already trained skills that read, understand and extract information from documents. This helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

With several pre-trained Document Skills available, Vantage enables organizations to quickly scale their automation initiatives across different industries. Exceptionally accurate document processing and data extraction, along with continuous learning, continuously improves straight-through processing rates. 

Document Capture applications

Supplier invoices

Data extraction from supplier invoices

Purchase orders

Extract data from purchase orders

Individual Statements of Situation

Extraction of statement data (RIS) for pension calculations 

Identity documents (CNI, Passport...)

Extraction of data from identity documents (passport, identity card, etc.)

Gray Cards

Extraction of data from gray cards

Marketing Surveys

Extracting data from marketing surveys

Waste Tracking Slips

Extraction of data from waste monitoring slips (BSD / DASRI)

Identity documents (CNI, Passport...)

Extraction of data from identity documents (passport, identity card, etc.)

Incoming mail

Automatic reading of incoming mail


Extraction of timesheet data

Ballots & Elections

Extraction of data from voting operations (resolutions, etc.)

Delivery notes

Extract data from delivery slips


Data extraction from resource surveys

Identity documents (CNI, Passport...)

Extraction of data from identity documents (passport, identity card, etc.)

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