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Cybersecurity and GDPR

The place of security is no longer to be defended within organizations. The awareness of leaders has increased due to different triggers:

The pandemic. This risk, which was far from being perceived as a priority before 2020, has become the scourge of the COVID-19 period. It imposed rapid adaptations (too?) of organizations which, despite levels of preparation, did not expect to have to upset organizations. Some experts will consider that this adaptation was made to the detriment of all the safety rules but to the "benefit" of a certain economic survival.

What are the preferred tools to facilitate business continuity? How to anticipate? How to ensure their effectiveness when triggering a PCA or a PRA?

Events have shown that threats are not always external to organisations.

Cloud architectures and hosted applications

ADOC Solutions offers you to set up your dematerialization applications (LAD / RAD) and Document Management (GED / ECM) in Web mode hosted in our centers.

Thanks to this architecture, you benefit from applications available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADOC Solutions manages the administration of hosted servers but also all peripheral needs: daily backups, business continuity plan, access security, etc.

Our strengths:

  • Hosting in secure Datacenters in France,

  • Monitoring   & supervision by ADOC Solutions teams,

  • Backup and hot duplication,

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Encrypted external media

ADOC Solutions presents its range of external media to protect all your data. In connection by code or Bluetooth, these media (Hard Disk, USB Key) ensure the highest level of encryption of your data.

Product designs are FIPS compliant with AES256-bit XTS hardware encryption.

Advanced features allow remote management of access to external media (Bluetooth). So you can limit access to data to users, at given times, to specific geographical areas, etc.

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