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ELO Incoming Mail

Improved productivity through intelligent (multi-channel) incoming mail management with ELO ECM Suite.

Digitize paper mail and integrate electronic formats for centralized, fast and efficient processing.

Every day, you receive a multitude of letters and e-mails: invoices, orders, forms, etc. All of this mail needs to be read, captured, and distributed across your company's various departments. To handle these tasks, you need a powerful inbound and outbound mail management solution. Digital mail processing lets you deliver documents reliably, quickly and conveniently.

Indeed, the ELO process management engine guarantees flexible and safe validation and control thanks to the information associated with the mail.

In addition, you benefit from simplified and personalized input forms according to your graphic charter. The treatment becomes faster and fits perfectly into your daily life. 

By loading a library of templates, you can speed up and better prepare responses for your collaborators. Versioning in ELO guarantees you a follow-up of these responses, from conception to sending. Finally, never miss a mail received to be processed thanks to ELO Notify which alerts you by email when you have tasks pending on ELO. 

Management of incoming and outgoing mail PDF

It is essential that incoming and outgoing mail, which constitutes an important part of the information that the company must process, seamlessly integrate the workflow mechanisms. Whatever their nature and their format (pdf or other), the documents will have to follow a precise path, from their digitization to their archiving, passing through various phases of awareness or approval by employees.

Procedure for managing incoming mail

Upon receipt of the mail, the operator digitizes all the documents and ELO automatically absorbs this flow to place it on hold for processing in the EDM. This first step makes it possible to merge the documents relating to the same object and to qualify each document for their automatic distribution by service via the workflow.

Following this classification, the workflow takes over and distributes each document to the recipients concerned. 

From there, a response can be created and associated with incoming mail using a template library customized to your company. 

Documents can thus follow their life cycle thanks to the process which allows both traceability and processing flexibility. 


The incoming mail management system is associated with powerful features, such as the search for documents through an incoming mail mask. This input screen allows you to specify your search with many cross filters. Your ELO ECM Suite incoming and outgoing mail management solution incorporates a dashboard functionality through which data is summarized. This mail management interface carries out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the documents processed by status, by keyword, by department. The information is displayed in graphical and tabular form and also by keyword cloud (leave request, invoices, etc.). This allows you to access the list of company documents and consult them directly in the GED.      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d_bad5

Incoming mail management - physical documents

It is also possible to extend the management of (physical) mails to the management of emails/emails. Thanks to ELOXC or even manually, emails can be retrieved in ELO so that they can follow a processing process until the response is sent. 


Simplify document and information flows with ELO process management


Thanks to the search mechanisms, the information is at your fingertips.


Expensive paper archives (storage, research...)   are now a thing of the past.


Versioning management makes it possible to work with the right document at all times.


The information is available on all media (smartphone,  tablette) 


You benefit from the synchronization of information on all of your systems.


Sensitive data may be archived in accordance with legal guidelines.


A clear authorization concept makes it possible to define the data access rights in detail.


Access to an easier exchange of information and effective teamwork.

And in practice?

The possibilities offered by the management of incoming mail are many and varied. Thanks to ADOC Solutions, you can also combine the solutions with ourincoming mail scanning services.


Here are two examples that show the benefits of a smart solution:

Notice to quit

An employee sends his work stoppage notice by post. The document is scanned, analyzed and saved directly in the employee's HR file. In addition, other processes can be programmed downstream: for example, colleagues can be automatically informed of work stoppages, or replacement management can be put in place.

4 steps to a structured inbox


A central inbox

Les documents entrants sont transmis à votre système ECM. Qu'il s'agisse de factures sous forme de documents papier, d'e-mails et de leurs pièces-jointes ou de documents reçus par fax, pour le traitement ultérieur, la provenance du courrier importe peu.


Transmission to services

Les documents sont déplacés dans les boîtes de réception des différents services en fonction des informations contenues dans les documents. S'il manque des informations sur le document ou que celles-ci ne peuvent pas être déterminées, il reste dans la boîte de réception générale avant d'être associé manuellement à une boîte de réception par un collaborateur.


Data classification and analysis

Après la réception du courrier, les documents sont classifiés à l'aide du module de classification automatique. Le type du document est déterminé et le système détecte la suite du processus. Les informations pertinentes sont extraites directement à partir du document pour la suite du traitement.


Traffic in the workflow

Dès qu'on document a été déplacé dans la boîte de réception d'un service, le document intègre le workflow determiné. Les documents qui ne sont pas associés au bon service peuvent à tout moment être déplacés dans les boîtes de réception d'autres services. Un des avantages considérables est l'auto-apprentissage de la solution : la fois d'après, un document similaire sera transféré dans la bonne boîte de réception.

Client experience

Stefano Incerto -DSI CARELLI Srl

"Thanks to ELO, we managed to intelligently and efficiently automate the incoming mail management and goods receipt process."

The Carelli company, located in southern Italy, relies on processes for the receipt of their goods: more than 1,500 documents are automatically transmitted to downstream processes, which represents a considerable saving of time and money. These include invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, etc.

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