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ELO Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions are smart solutions for digitizing the processes of your organization's key departments. Our Business Solutions are already configured, their implementation is therefore immediate; nevertheless, it is possible to adapt them to individual requirements and above all to make them evolve.

ELO Invoices

ELO Invoices: the dematerialization and validation circuit of supplier invoices.

Every business has bills to pay. Many of them manage these invoices in paper format and spend time entering them into accounts.

The solution makes it possible to manage as standard:

  • International and multi-currency invoices

  • Reconciliation with orders and deliveries

  • Asset management

  • Automatic separation of multi-page invoices

  • Management of payment deadlines

In addition, the Business Solution includes an invoice monitoring dashboard that allows you to see the progress of your invoices in the workflow in real time.

ELO Visitor Management

Business Solution ELO Visitor is the solution to manage your visitors.

Follow visitors closely

  • A dashboard for a quick overview of all visitors

  • A provision of all information about the appointment, the visitor and the current status

  • Filtering possibilities, in particular according to expected visitors, visitors present and visitors who have left

  • An integrated calendar for a daily, monthly or annual overview

  • A color system based on the status of visits

The solution offers you a personalized welcome for your visitors on a welcome screen.


ELO Incoming Mail Management

Business Solution ELO for incoming mail processing

Every day, you receive a multitude of letters and e-mails: invoices, orders, forms, etc. All of this mail needs to be read, captured, and distributed across your company's various departments.


To handle these tasks, you need a powerful inbound and outbound mail management solution. Digital mail processing lets you deliver documents reliably, quickly and conveniently.


ELO Contract Management

With ELO Contract Management, you are able to monitor and manage your contracts in every phase.

Thanks to the contract management dashboard, different visualization options are available to you. All current contracts are closely monitored and you can control your expenses and deadlines.

  • View all contract details

  • Monitoring of all deadlines

  • Creation of payment schedules and control of operational flows

  • Creation of reports and analyzes

  • Monthly or daily overview

  • Clear display of all reminders and notice periods

From their creation to their closure or termination, ELO therefore supports you throughout the management of the life cycle of contracts and its perks.

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ELO Personnel File

ELO's Personnel File Business Solution offers secure storage of employee files and fully configurable access.

Dossiers du personnel.jpeg

This solution allows you to:

  • Gather documents and personnel data in a single platform

  • Generate classification trees for each employee automatically

  • Initiate employee entry and departure processes (with automatic notification when due)

  • Manage authorizations in a simplified and secure way – access rights are configured to be accessible only to authorized personnel

  • Create Office model documents that can be automatically filled in according to the employee (badge, contract, standard letters, official documents, etc.)

  • Access information anywhere via smartphone and tablet


Elo Recrutement.jpeg

Optimize recruitment processes. Find quickly instead of searching long. ELO's recruitment management solution facilitates the recruitment process: From the job offer to the hiring process.

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Staffing requirement

  • Colleagues from the departments concerned signal a need for personnel and can involve future superiors from the start of the process.

  • The employees of the HR department validate the request and create the job offer.

  • This makes it possible to effectively manage all processes relating to recruitment


  • Use built-in and individually adjustable templates for your job postings

  • The publication is done in one click: on your website, on your job portal or on an external portal.

  • Candidates can register on your job portal and react directly when a job offer interests them.

ELO Knowledge


ELO Knowledge to perpetuate and enhance knowledge in the company with ELO. This module is of course based on the strengths of ELO in terms of Document Management, used to collect, organize, search and disseminate information, reliably and securely. The objective is to create a real dynamic among a community of users who will be able to exchange, present ideas and questions, react, help each other and evaluate the relevance of content.

Three exchange spaces are available:

  • Questions answers

  • Items

  • innovations


As for the themes, you are free to compartmentalize them into different sections.

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ELO Learning

ELO's Continuing Education Management Software is a complete system that offers you a learning and course management platform: organization as well as delivery and evaluation are automated, user-friendly and intelligent.
The social learning elements allow participants to interact with the content, for even more motivating training.

  • All in one: a learning management system and a training portal

  • Take advantage of the diversity of courses: e-learning courses, classroom training and virtual classrooms

  • Complete management of all courses for absolute control

  • Simple management of qualification processes, thanks to learning paths

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