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Digitization of postcards

Postcard scanning refers to the process of converting physical postcards into digital files. It involves capturing the postcard using a specific scanner and then transforming it into a digital format, such as JPEG, PNG or PDF.

Digitizing postcards offers several benefits, including:

Conservation and preservation: By digitizing old or fragile postcards, they can be preserved in digital form to avoid their degradation due to the passage of time.

Easy Sharing: Once digitized, postcards can be easily shared with loved ones, collectors or researchers through email, social media or image sharing platforms.

Accessibility: Digitized postcards can be stored on electronic devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones, making them easily accessible and searchable at any time.

Indexing and Searching: When postcards are digitized, they can be organized into folders and identified (indexing) with keywords (metadata), thus facilitating quick searching and retrieval of specific information.

Online publication: Collectors or institutions can share their postcard collections on specialized websites or databases, allowing enthusiasts to discover and appreciate these historical artifacts.

Digitization is a reliable way to preserve and share these objects while preserving them in their original form.

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