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Digitization of the scientific and cultural heritage of federal establishments in Belgium.

ADOC Solutions was selected as part of the BELSPO program. This program is dedicated to the digitization of the scientific and cultural heritage of the federal establishments of Belgium.

Since 2022, ADOC Solutions has been digitizing the collections held at the Royal Museums of Art and History and the Royal Cinematheque of Belgium. Eventually, more than 600,000 views will be digitized in his studio in Bouguenais (44). These are collections on fragile paper supports, dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, in formats between A2 and A5. ADOC Solutions has equipped its workshop with new heritage scanners to carry out this project.

Suitable for fragile documents, they are equipped with capture systems from above, with the possibility of using or not glass to allow documents to be flattened and therefore to guarantee their digital readability, particularly during OCR processing. The device is also equipped with LED lighting, a so-called cold light source because it does not contain UV or infrared, particularly suitable for preserving old documents.

Their great particularity, however, lies in color management guaranteeing the homogeneity of images for large volumes. The capture software integrates the "FADGI" standards of the Library of Congress and "Metamorfoze" for the measurement of Delta E values in particular, being authoritative in the matter.

In order to respond to the market, an application has been developed specifically in-house to allow the integration of metadata in the Dublin Core format. Indeed ADOC Solutions has an R&D department in IT development producing tailor-made tools for the needs of its customers, based on the automation of processes in order to maintain internal control of all processing chains while remaining competitive.

Transportation of collections, entry inventory, analysis of archives and their physical particularities, careful handling, rigor in shooting, application of the naming plan, quality controls, etc... are the skills implemented by our teams.

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