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Do you have the best elements to protect your archives?

Protecting your archives before digitization is crucial to preserve their integrity and security. Here are some steps you can take to properly protect your archives before digitizing them. But do you have the right elements to protect your archives?

Careful handling: Handle archives with care to avoid physical damage before scanning. Use appropriate gloves if necessary to protect fragile documents.

Cleaning: Make sure documents are clean before scanning. Use gentle cleaning tools to remove dust, dirt, and other particles that could compromise scan quality.

Organization: Classify your archives in an organized manner before digitizing them. This will make the scanning process easier and allow you to easily find specific documents in the future.

Physical Security: Keep your records in a secure, locked location to prevent unauthorized access. If necessary, use safes or locked cabinets to protect sensitive documents.

Protection from the Elements: Protect your records from damage caused by water, fire, direct sunlight and other environmental elements. Store them in water- and dust-resistant boxes or envelopes, and avoid areas prone to moisture.

Data Backup: Before scanning, make sure you have a reliable backup of your digital data. Use external storage devices such as external hard drives or secure cloud storage services to back up your scanned files.

Digital Data Security: Protect your digital files from unauthorized access by using security measures such as encryption and password protection. Also make sure to update your security software regularly to prevent cyber threats.

Access Management: Control access to digitized archives by implementing access management measures such as appropriate user permissions and access levels. This will ensure that only authorized individuals can view or modify the documents.

By following these steps, you can effectively protect your archives before digitizing them, ensuring their long-term preservation and secure availability.

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