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Entrust us with the dematerialization of your archives

Archive dematerialization is the process of converting paper documents into digital formats, and storing these documents in electronic form. This transformation makes archives more accessible, easy to manage and archive, while reducing dependence on physical documents.

Dematerializing archives can be achieved in several ways, including digitizing paper documents, creating native electronic documents, or importing digital data from other sources.

Once the archives are dematerialized, they can be stored in electronic document management systems (ECM - DMS) or electronic archives (SAE), which offer functionalities such as advanced search, indexing, data security and authorization management.

The benefits of going paperless include reducing the physical storage space needed, making information easier to access, being able to back up data more reliably, and being able to share information more efficiently. It can also contribute to the preservation of historical documents, protecting them against physical deterioration.

Dematerialization of records has become increasingly common in many industries, including businesses, government institutions, libraries, public records, and other organizations that need to retain important information for the long term. It can also play a key role in the transition to more digital and green work processes.

ADOC Solutions offers you its services for dematerializing your archives

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