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Entrust us with your archives

Do you want to dematerialize your documents, your archives...? Trust our teams to take care of your documents. Digitization involves the transformation of paper documents, physical files and manual processes into electronic files and automated workflows. This is generally aimed at improving operational efficiency, reducing the costs of managing physical documents, making it easier to access and share information, and to meet compliance requirements.

We take care of:

  • Take charge of your documents,

  • Create archive output inventories,

  • Prepare documents,

  • Digitize documents using the most appropriate technologies,

  • Index the documents according to the desired metadata (title, date, typology, etc.),

  • Convert scanned images to PDF

  • Adapt your data in the most suitable formats (xml...),

  • Compress files to optimize storage,

  • Upload electronic files,

  • Keep or destroy your physical documents,

  • ...

Benefit from the expertise of ADOC Solutions to carry out your scans.

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