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Our expertise at the service of your microfilms

To digitize microfilms, you must equip yourself with a specific scanner for these media. A microfilm scanner is a specialized device designed to scan microfilms, which are miniaturized image storage media in the form of reels or cards. These scanners are specifically designed to handle the unique characteristics of microfilm. Here are some of the features of a microfilm scanner:

Specialized lighting: Microfilm scanners often use specialized lighting to illuminate the film evenly and to achieve the best possible image quality. This lighting is adapted to the densities and contrasts specific to microfilms.

High Resolution: Microfilm scanners are capable of scanning at very high resolutions, allowing fine details of microfilmed images to be captured.

Supported film formats: They are generally compatible with different microfilm formats, such as 16mm microfilm, 35mm microfilm, or microfilmed index cards.

Reduction or enlargement: Some microfilm scanners allow images to be reduced or enlarged for better readability.

Defect Correction: They often come equipped with defect correction features, such as scratch removal, color restoration, and geometric distortion correction.

Perforation Management: Microfilm scanners take into account perforations present at the edges of the film, allowing precise alignment during scanning.

Multi-Page Scanning: They are capable of scanning multiple images from a reel of microfilm in a single operation.

Microfilm Preservation: Our microfilm scanners are designed to minimize any physical contact with the original film, helping to preserve its quality and lifespan.

Output Options: Our solutions offer various output options, such as saving scanned images in different file formats (TIFF, PDF, etc.) or direct printing.

These features make microfilm scanners essential tools for our services, to preserve and access historical archives, official documents and other information stored in microfilm form. They make it possible to convert these miniaturized images into digital files that are more accessible and easier to manage.

ADOC Solutions offers you its microfilm digitization services.

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