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We take care of all your archives

Archive digitization is the process of converting physical documents into digital format. It involves various steps like capturing, creating, and storing electronic versions of documents such as manuscripts, photographs, maps, journals, microforms, slides, and other information media. We take care of all your archives. We take care of all your archives

Records may be digitized for a variety of reasons, including to preserve content, facilitate access, improve records management and retrieval, and reduce the physical clutter associated with paper records.

The steps for digitizing archives typically include:

Inventory and Preparation: This involves selecting documents to be scanned, inspecting them to ensure their condition, protecting sensitive documents and planning the process. Complete inventories are carried out to ensure proper handling of documents, while avoiding losses.

Transport: ADOC Solutions teams carry out the secure transport of archives to and from the digitization centers.

Digitization: Documents are scanned or photographed using specific equipment, such as scroll scanners, flatbed scanners, film scanners, microfiche scanners, digital cameras, book scanners, etc.

Conversion: Captured images are converted into digital files, usually in common formats such as JPEG, PDF, TIFF, or other formats adapted to the needs.

Indexing: Digitized documents are indexed, meaning that metadata (such as title, author, date, rating, etc.) are associated with each digital file to facilitate subsequent searching. Indexing can be carried out via the file name or by structured files (.xlsx, .csv, .txt, .xml...).

OCR: character recognition allows you to benefit from PDF files whose content

Quality controls: Our teams ensure the highest quality of dematerialization service. Checks are carried out to ensure total compliance (image quality, file size, metadata, etc.) of the dematerialized elements.

Backup and retention: Digital files are stored on secure storage media, such as servers, hard drives, or cloud storage media. Backup copies are usually created to prevent data loss.

Access: Once digitized and indexed, digital documents can be accessed from computers, tablets or other compatible devices, making it easier to find, view and share.

There are many benefits to digitizing records, including long-term preservation of records, reduction of physical storage space, ease of access and search, and the ability to share information more efficiently.

Trust the experts at ADOC Solutions to take care of and dematerialize your archives.

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