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The dematerialization of archives has several advantages. Here are some reasons why some organizations choose to dematerialize their archives and how we take care of your archives :

Physical space: Dematerialization frees up physical space, because paper documents often take up a lot of space. This can reduce storage space costs.

Improved accessibility: Digital archives are generally more easily accessible than paper archives. Documents can be searched, viewed and shared more quickly and efficiently.

Security: Digital archives can be protected with security measures such as regular backups, restricted access, and change tracking features. This helps preserve and protect sensitive information.

Durability: Digital documents can be saved more easily and durable than paper documents, which can deteriorate over time due to wear, exposure to light and other factors.

Productivity: Going paperless makes document management easier, reducing the time and effort needed to search for specific information.

Regulatory compliance: In certain sectors, the dematerialization of archives may be necessary to comply with current regulations.

Cost Reduction: Although initially implementing dematerialization may require investment, in the long run it can help reduce costs associated with managing, storing and maintaining paper records.

It is important to note that dematerialization must be planned and implemented thoughtfully to ensure the security, integrity and availability of information.

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