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Who would you like to share your archives with?

Sharing your archives can play a crucial role in preserving history, promoting transparency, stimulating academic research, education and strengthening community ties.

There are several reasons why a person or organization might choose to share their records:

Preserving history and culture: Sharing archives helps preserve and disseminate history and culture for future generations. This allows researchers, historians, students and the general public to access valuable information about the past.

Transparency and Accountability: Sharing records can promote transparency and accountability by allowing the public to review relevant historical records, such as government records or corporate documents.

Academic Research: Shared archives can be used for academic research purposes in various fields such as history, sociology, politics, etc. Sharing archives allows researchers to access primary sources for their studies.

Education: Shared archives can serve as valuable educational resources. Teachers can use these archives to illustrate historical concepts and events, which enriches the learning experience for students.

Building Community Connections: Sharing archives can strengthen bonds within a community by allowing members to reconnect with their collective history and cultural heritage.

Protecting your archives before digitization is crucial to preserve their integrity and security. Here are some steps you can take to properly protect your archives before digitizing them.

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