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ADOC Solutions offers you solutions for digitizing your documents. The digitization phase is an essential phase in the process of dematerialization. A malfunction at this initial stage can alter the rest of the processing chain.

There are several possibilities for performing scans or more generally capturing images: dedicated scanners, multifunction MFPs and now smartphones.


If the multifunctions allow a centralization of the scanning step, they do not have all the possibilities of a dedicated scanner. Digitization must ensure key functions in the process of captures images.

Scan reliability
Image quality
Building files
Scanner Features

Images that are not correctly integrated (reliability, quality, etc.) call into question all the processes that follow. Poor image quality does not allow technology-optimized recognition OCR or automatic document reading.  There may therefore be character recognition anomalies that alter searches by content or metadata. 

Even if the scanner remains a tool, the preliminary analysis time should not be underestimated to understand the nature of the documents to be digitized (formats, thicknesses, number of pages, etc.) but also the processing steps that will have to be carried out ( batch creation, OCR, etc.). There is no such thing as a bad scanner, but many tools are not suitable for customer projects.

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