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French National Library Heritage Digitization

ADOC Solutions realizes in its workshop of Bouguenais (44), the recovery of documentary funds for the National Library of France (BNF). Several million views will be processed by the ADOC Solutions teams this year: transport management, digitization of microfilms, foliation, segmentation, indexing... and production of files for the BNF in METS format. ADOC Solutions continues to develop its digitization center in Bouguenais with developments in the heritage field (Books, Microfilms, Microfiches, Negatives, Registers, Posters, Plans, etc.).

The latest investments by ADOC Solutions, for microfilms, allow the teams to produce more than 55,000 views per day for the recovery of documentary collections. Series of treatments are carried out to exploit and transform the contents of the media: image enhancement, foliation, segmentation, cutting, indexing, OCR, LAD / RAD, pdf / jpg2000 transformation or generation of specific files such as altoxml, METS.

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