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VORWERK: Processing Client Surveys

Client survey processing service for KOBOLD vacuum cleaners. ADOC Solutions carried out the processing of customer surveys, conducted during presentations, in meetings, of KOBOLD electric brooms. The service provided by the office service is complete: flattening of surveys (triple A4 sheet), 300 dpi scanning, document recognition, extraction of handwritten data, verification of information, data formatting, export to Excel format.

The VORWERK group was created in 1883 in Germany, by the VORWERK family. VORWERK is present in more than 60 countries worldwide and has more than 600,000 employees. In France, the company was born in 1961 and the company now has 4,500 employees in the territory. The VORWERK group develops 2 products: the KOBOLD (range of electric brooms) and the THERMOMIX (food processor).

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