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Younited Credit: Documentary Recognition on Credit Files

ADOC Solutions is once again extending its expertise in the field of Banks, by equipping the Younited Credit company. ADOC Solutions has implemented innovative document recognition technologies (data capture) applied to the various contractual documents in credit files (pay slips, account statements, etc.). This solution provides scoring elements to Younited Credit granting managers as soon as the documents are entered, and also reduces the risk of fraud.

About Younited Credit

Younited Credit is the first "between individuals" credit institution approved by the French banking and financial authorities. In the consumer credit and financial services sectors, Younited Credit aims to promote a responsible and more transparent approach than some banks on which French consumers depend.

The business of Younited Credit is to connect individuals (Investors-Lenders) who have savings and individuals looking for credit (Borrowers) and to allow the savings of Investors-Lenders to Directly finance Borrowers' consumer loans.

Younited Credit aims to return to the sources of the traditional mutual banking model, where the savings of some are used exclusively to finance the loans of others without a complex and risky transformation operation between the two parties.

In the promising sector of community finance on the Internet, Younited Credit wanted to be at the forefront in the development of innovative national models that meet consumer expectations. Younited Credit is the leading credit institution "between individuals" in Europe and intends to simplify, via its unique Internet platform, the life of French households and savers.

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