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Dematerialization for Transport and Logistics

Dematerialization processes in the transport and logistics sector

In a market where pressure on costs and the need to define ever more efficient processes remain a priority, technological innovations and dematerialization can change the situation by offering significant gains in competitiveness.

You must have faced a problem of this type: missing important transport documents, a sick driver or an impatient customer. With ELO ECM Suite for the transport and logistics sector, you have a complete information system in your hands that allows you to manage all your company's processes and documents in a dematerialized and automated way. Regardless of where your employees connect to your ECM ELO, locally from your head office, from your warehouses or on the move, they access with the same simplicity all the information and documents they need for their work via computer, smartphone or tablet. Access is secured and controlled according to user profiles and the rights attached to them.

ELO ECM Suite for the transport and logistics sector offers greater homogeneity to your information system and more performance in the processing of your missions thanks to:

  • Automation of recurring tasks through workflows

  • Digital management of all documents

  • The dematerialization of invoices and transport vouchers

  • The implementation of receipt certificates with the integration of the RFID device

Electronic contract and invoice management for AKN Eisenbahn AG

AKN Eisenbahn AG operates 255 kilometers of railway lines in Germany and serves 66 stations for 12.7 million passengers per year. It also operates in the field of rail freight. The challenge for this major player in rail mobility was to reduce its costs through the optimization of invoicing and contract management processes and better integration of the company's various businesses via the interconnection of its ERP SAP R/ 3 and its Lotus Notes communication system. With more than 14,000 paper invoices received each year, the implementation of a solution to dematerialize invoices, integrate them into the ERP and reconcile them with contracts became essential for the performance of the company.

The choice of the rail transport company fell on the ELO Enterprise solution. Deploying EDM's solution for the transport and logistics sector has enabled AKN to reduce its invoice processing expenses by approximately 20%. All contracts and related documents are available in their entirety in ELO ECM for the transport and logistics sector, and ELO connectors have made it possible to interface EDM with SAP ERP and Lotus Notes software for greater fluidity and traceability of information among the actors of the company.

“Across all of our treatment centers, we have achieved a reduction in treatment costs of approximately 20%. This is an impressive number for us. In addition, the processing time has also been significantly reduced. » Frank Dubberke, Project Manager AKN Eisenbahn AG

Dematerialization of the end-to-end invoicing process for IFB International Freightbridge

The company IFB International Freightbridge, "organizer of international transport", specializes in logistics, air, sea and rail freight from and to the Far East. With a volume of more than 40,000 outgoing invoices and 60,000 incoming invoices, IFB's objective was to dematerialize all documents and set up an efficient GED for the transport and logistics sector in order to reduce processing times, automate recordings and filings by case, facilitate access to all related documents, etc.

With ELO Professional, the ECM for the transport and logistics sector, IFB has succeeded in optimizing its accounting. The company dematerializes all of its outgoing and incoming invoices, and automatically injects them into the GED ELO. Thanks to the perfect integration of ELO into the software architecture of IFB, the company benefits from an ECM solution for the transport and logistics sector that is efficient and ergonomic.

“We wanted a custom solution. One of the main reasons we chose ELO is its multitude of options to adapt the software to our needs. » A. Klingberg, Project Manager

Dematerialization solutions for the transport and logistics sector

In a field of activity where the volume of documents, invoices and contracts is considerable, the gains in performance and the reduction of costs are mainly based on the implementation of a software solution for dematerialization in the transport sector and logistic. The implementation of an ELO EDM on your information system allows you to dematerialize all of your business processes, for a more fluid, secure and traceable management of all the flows and all the commercial documents of your company. The ECM ELO for the transport and logistics sector simplifies the management of your purchases, your sales, and facilitates research and access to all documents related to a business or a contract... Moreover, with the ELO connectors, you simply link your ELO EDM to your pre-existing computer system to ensure continuity of flows and eliminate the risk of error or forgetfulness in the processing of your invoices and the management of deadlines.


  • Workflows: Simplify document and information flows with ELO process management.

  • Powerful search: Thanks to intelligent search mechanisms, information and documents are at your fingertips.

  • Mobile access: The information is available on all multimedia supports (computer, tablet, smartphone). You can work on the go.

  • Legal Compliance: Sensitive data may be archived in accordance with legal guidelines.

  • Effective version management: Versioning management makes it possible to work with the right document at all times.

  • Individual authorizations: A clear authorization concept makes it possible to define the data access rights in detail.

  • Reduced costs: Expensive paper archives are now a thing of the past.

  • Integration of third-party systems: Business applications can be integrated very simply: you benefit from synchronization of information on all of your systems.

  • Productive teamwork: Thanks to integrated collaboration tools, you have access to easy exchange of information and effective teamwork.

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