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ECM for law firms

Safe administration of your data in the legal sector.

Dematerialization being an important subject in the legal sector, ELO offers you solutions for the optimization of your processes.

Optimize information management in the legal sector

Courts and law firms have more and more data to manage. To improve the situation, it is important to optimize processes and work with intelligent information systems.

ELO supports you in all these tasks: ELO iSearch allows you to access all information and documents in a few moments, even from a smartphone or tablet. In addition, you benefit from intelligent processes and application integration (ERP, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.), data encryption and email lifecycle management.

  • Digital records management

  • Digital invoice processing

  • Data classification (automatic document recognition)

  • Contract management, customer management and long-term archiving


Workflows: Simplify document and information flows with ELO process management.

Powerful search: Thanks to intelligent search mechanisms, information and documents are at your fingertips.

Mobile access: The information is available on all multimedia supports (computer, tablet, smartphone). You can work on the go.

Legal Compliance: Sensitive data may be archived in accordance with legal guidelines.

Effective version management: Versioning management makes it possible to work with the right document at all times.

Individual authorizations: A clear authorization concept makes it possible to define the data access rights in detail.

Reduced costs: Expensive paper archives are now a thing of the past.

Integration of third-party systems: Business applications can be integrated very simply: you benefit from synchronization of information on all of your systems.

Productive teamwork: Thanks to integrated collaboration tools, you have access to easy exchange of information and effective teamwork.

"Thanks to ELO, we have accelerated our search for information and we have quick access to all files. This of course also has an impact on our customer service, as we can now respond instantly to customer questions regarding closed processes." Stefanie Carls, Carls Firm

Dematerialization solutions in the legal sector

The volume of information that is processed in a law firm requires the implementation of software specific to law firms in order to secure the storage of information, guarantee the confidentiality of documents and files, respect the conditions of retention of documents, in particular with regard to the legal and technical provisions relating to the GDPR. Given the rules surrounding legal activity and the nature of the documents and information that are managed in this area, EDM for law firms is the most effective solution for securing the management of visitors to the premises, dematerializing incoming mail and documents in order to centralize, organize and use them. ELO for ELO law firms is also the most efficient solution for managing emails and administrative documents (contracts, invoices, etc.).

Visitor management with ELO

The dematerialization of visitor management in your law firm or in a court secures access to your buildings and reassures your visitor, client, supplier, on the professionalism of your organization. The EDM for law firms equipped with the ELO Visitor module simplifies the reception procedures, with the recording of the contact details of your contact and the purpose of his visit. When he arrives, you will give him a badge and inform, via a pre-programmed workflow, your employees concerned of his presence in the company.

This device makes it possible to secure your space and to know at all times who is in the company via check-in operations, who is still present and when your visitors leave the premises via check-out operations. This innovative application is equipped as standard with workflows that facilitate its installation and handling. They also simplify the traceability and logging of your visitors for additional processing (file management, security, time management, etc.).

The dematerialization of incoming mail flows and your invoices

Numerous modules and extensions make it possible to extend the functionalities of your GED for law firm and to build a tailor-made solution according to the sectors of your activity that you wish to dematerialize. The first brick that will allow you to digitize your incoming documents, invoices, contracts is the ScanPro for ELO module. It is a professional scanning tool that can drive most professional scanners. It accelerates digitization processes, separates documents and performs pre-indexing. It has a large extraction capacity that allows you to retrieve all the information you need in real time.

This utility coupled with the module for analyzing and processing your documents allows you to integrate them into your digital flows, store them in the centralized tree structure of your EDM for law firms and start the appropriate processing. The capture module (LAD / RAD) analyzes and extracts data to automate the storage and processing of incoming documents. If these are documents relating to ongoing business (contract, legal information, etc.), they will be shared via the corresponding workflows or used in the context of collaborative projects, in interface with ELO collaborative solutions for Microsoft SharePoint or ELO for Microsoft Teams.

If these are incoming invoices, they will first be analyzed by the capture module (LAD - RAD), then processed via the ELO Invoice software which will retrieve the essential information from the document (supplier, amount, date of deadline) to submit them for validation and integrate the accounting and financial settlement process. All documents are stored in the centralized tree structure of your EDM for law firms, in accordance with the legal provisions surrounding the processing of a digital invoice.

Optimizing the management of your e-mails with EDM for law firms

Following the same mechanisms, your e-mails are automatically stored in a specific folder in the centralized tree structure of your EDM for law firms to free up resources on your e-mail clients and secure the storage of your e-mails. The ELO XC email management module fully integrates with your Microsoft Outlook email client to retrieve information and add it to your business processes.

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