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Document management for the construction industry

ADOC Solutions provides you with a turnkey solution to manage your construction sites.

The building and construction sector involves rigorous management of business and construction sites by clients, projects and teams. The contracting of a project, the management of purchases, the organization of a construction site and the monitoring of teams constitute a substantial volume of information of a diverse nature.

To guarantee the compliance of operations and monitor the smooth running of projects, management teams must quickly access financial or technical information, communicate and share information internally with project teams or externally with subcontractors and suppliers. The deployment of a DMS adapted for the construction industry improves the performance of the operational, accounting and decision-making teams, thanks to the optimal management of customer and site information, your invoices and your e-mails.

Thanks to ELO ECM, when creating a construction site, you can store and share all your paper and electronic documents:

  • Tenders,

  • Responses to consultations with centralization of your up-to-date administrative documents,

  • Notice of award, rejections,

  • Plans, reports, studies...

  • Correspondence (emails, letters),

  • Validation circuit (workflow),

  • Document version management (only work on the latest version of your files),

  • Integration of third-party systems,

  • Supplier invoices, customer invoices, delivery slips, purchase orders...,

  • Legal Compliance,

  • Traceability of the actions carried out,

  • Access security (rights management),

With ELO ECM BTP you centralize all the information of your sites, you reduce your processing costs (reconciliation, research, sharing ...), you gain in processing speed (access to information from smartphones, tablets ... when traveling ), you secure the durability of the data (cloud, centralized backups, etc.).

Accelerate your digital transition with the ELO ECM BTP

The implementation of a GED for the construction industry will accelerate the digital transition of your activity and above all improve the management of information within your organization. The ECM ELO dematerialization solution is the link in your information system which makes it possible to dematerialize all the information useful to the functioning of your company, to centralize it in an operational tree structure and to make it available for all processing and collaborative work. Your EDM BTP software ensures the interconnection between all your organization's applications thanks to the addition of specific modules and interfaces such as ELO Interface for Microsoft Office Online for online document processing and their integration into the EDM system BTP ELO, or ELO for Microsoft SharePoint and ELO for Microsoft Teams for document sharing in the context of collaborative workflows.

Order a free diagnosis to assess the deployment conditions of the ELO ECM BTP solution

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