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ELO ECM for education and teaching

ELO ECM for the dematerialization of all documents relating to education.

The dematerialization of our education system is a priority. With ELO, you create a central knowledge base that will simplify your administrative processes.

Education is an institution in our society. At the same time, it evolves, diversifies and becomes more individual. Tasks and requirements become more complex in our globalized world. ELO's Enterprise Content Management offers you the ideal conditions for working efficiently while remaining efficient.Déposer les dossiers RH et les dossiers étudiants de façon numérique

  • Conduct registration processes through electronic processes

  • Manage digital and analog media

  • Automate all recurring processes

"Working with ELO is a real pleasure: it's like a chest of drawers, only better. I can finally find my documents very easily. It saves me a lot of time." Sabine Nicke, Director of Administration, Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, Germany

Ludwigsburg Film School

With ELO professional, Ludwigsburg Film School has streamlined its workflows and reduced paper usage. Cameras can roll permanently now!

EWAG aquatic research

ELO enterprise enables EAWAG to manage knowledge and research. Emails and their contents may be important to research, so they should be made available to users. In addition, the MS Exchange server has been significantly offloaded for greater performance. So there is more time to research and teach.

Zurich School Administration

The good integration and flexibility of ELO enterprise allows the school administration of the city of Zurich to process forms and contracts much more efficiently. The ECM solution is our pillar for optimizing work processes and advancing innovative projects.

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