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Document management for real estate players

Solid foundations: dematerialization in the real estate sector thanks to ELO ECM

ELO's real estate ECM solution allows you to have a clear overview of the status of your contracts, construction files and business processes at all times.

Optimize information management within your real estate business

As a company in the real estate sector, you have to keep a large number of documents: contractual documents, expert reports, inventories... ELO ECM provides you with efficient and easy-to-implement dematerialization tools to your activity in the real estate sector

Digital transformation is having an impact on the real estate sector. The dematerialization of services for tenants, the electronic monitoring of real estate and many other advances symbolize technical progress in the real estate sector. With ELO ECM Suite, real estate professionals can organize the electronic management of their company's documents easily: the digitization of all administrative tasks allows for fully digital management on a central platform. ELO mobile solutions make it possible, for example, to access construction plans or to add new documents to your files, even when on the move.

  • Effective real estate contract management

  • Management of recurring administrative tasks via a workflow

  • Analysis of costs (operating costs in particular) and rents with a simple click

  • Fully digital filing and document management


  • Workflows: Simplify document and information flows with ELO process management.

  • Powerful search: Thanks to intelligent search mechanisms, information and documents are at your fingertips.

  • Mobile access: The information is available on all multimedia supports (computer, tablet, smartphone). You can work on the go.

  • Legal Compliance: Sensitive data may be archived in accordance with legal guidelines.

  • Effective version management: Versioning management makes it possible to work with the right document at all times.

  • Individual authorizations: A clear authorization concept makes it possible to define the data access rights in detail.

  • Reduced costs: Expensive paper archives are now a thing of the past.

  • Integration of third-party systems: Business applications can be integrated very simply: you benefit from synchronization of information on all of your systems.

  • Productive teamwork: Thanks to integrated collaboration tools, you have access to easy exchange of information and effective teamwork.

Dematerialization solution for the real estate and construction sector

In a field of activity where the volume of administrative documents, contracts and emails is considerable, the gains in performance and the reduction of costs are mainly based on the implementation of a dematerialization software solution for the actors of the real estate transaction, promotion, condominium management or rental management.

The association of the GED ELO with your information system allows you to dematerialize all your business processes, for a more fluid, secure and traceable management of all the flows and all the commercial documents of your company. The ELO ECM for the real estate sector simplifies the management of your purchases, your sales, and facilitates research and access to all documents related to a business or a contract... Moreover, with ELO connectors , you simply link your GED ELO to your pre-existing computer system to ensure continuity of flows and eliminate the risk of error or forgetfulness in the processing of your invoices and the management of deadlines.

"I wish everyone a project that is as fast and successful as it was for us." Winand Pries, IT Manager, SWD Düsseldorf AG

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