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Dematerialization is an essential aspect in the Digital Transformation of companies. If, by definition, dematerialization is the transformation of material information carriers (generally paper) into electronic files, its practical approach for its implementation requires defining some specificities to the nature of the paper carriers.

Indeed, depending on the nature of the support, the dematerialization approach and the associated regulations can be more or less complex. Thus, before even addressing the probative value of electronic formats, we will distinguish two different processes for two distinct media.

Management of Flows in Electronic Format

The recovery of data, files already in electronic format, does not require the implementation of the same technologies as during the dematerialization phases.


ADOC Solutions offers you different solutions to collect and use electronic data:


Dematerialization of Documents

In order to transform the paper into a computer usable format, there are many possibilities, more or less automatic.


Discover the technologies offered by ADOC Solutions to build your adapted chain of dematerialization of document flows:

ADOC Solutions offers solutions & services adapted to the needs of organizations: "on-premise" mode vs "Cloud" mode. But at the same time, the chains deployed can respond to hybrid patterns. Internalization of tools & solutions for scanning and capturing documents then integration of flows in secure hosted spaces.

Some examples of realizations

ManagementSupplier invoiceswith recognition of articles and reconciliations with purchase orders...  

Digitization ofincoming mailwith identification of the key criteria (issuer, etc.) for the provision of documents.

Electronic signature ofemployment contract, endorsements, employees and integration into the virtual HR file.

Automatic reading ofGray Cardsvehicle fleets for vehicle recognition and integration into the ERP.

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